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Chocolate Milk Organic Almonds & Sea Salt - 3 oz May melt during shipment in hot weather.

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#967.6 Chocolate Milk Organic Almonds & Sea Salt

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Net Wt: 3 oz (85g)

You deserve a chocolate bar that rewards every bite - with mouth-pleasing flavor and a crave-worthy crunch. Made with smooth dark-milk chocolate, crunchy roasted almonds, and a sprinkling of tangy grey sea salt, this organic chocolate bar delivers just the satisfaction you want. Unwrap one today, and taste an enticing blend of flavors and textures that always beckon one more bite . . .

*Milk and *dark chocolate(*sugar, *milk powder, *cocoa powder, *chocolate liquor, 8cocoa powder, (processed with alkali), *vanilla extract, and *vanilla powder), *roasted almonds, and sea salt. *Organic.  

Allergen Notice:
Contains: milk and tree nuts (almonds). May contain traces of other nuts, peanuts, soybean, and wheat.  

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